Top 5 Reasons to go to Disney World during the Holidays

Disney is always a magical place to visit, though during the Holidays it seems even more magical. Below I have my top 5 reasons to visit Walt Disney During the Holidays.

  1. Christmas music and decorations – Throughout the parks and resorts Disney goes all out with Christmas decorations and music that are themed to the area where they are located.  For example Disney’s Hollywood Studios has decorations that look like the decorations of the 1930’s – 1950’s, with Christmas music playing from artist like Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters and Frank Sinatra.
  2. Special holiday entertainment – During the Holidays Disney has many special show for guest to Enjoy.  In Epcot there is “Holidays around the World” where each country in the World showcase has a story teller that tells guest about the Holiday traditions of that country.  Also around the World Showcase there are additional music acts (in addition to the groups that normally perform there) performing music appropriate for the season.  In Disney’s Hollywood Studios there is the firework and projection show “Jingle Bing, Jingle Bam” staring the elves from “Prep and Landing”.  Starting in 2017 there is also Holiday projections on the outside of the Tower of Terror.  In Magic Kingdom there is the “Once Upon a Christmas Parade” and “A Frozen Holiday Wish Castle Lighting” featuring the characters from Frozen.
  3. Holiday food and drinks – This is especially true of Epcot’s World Showcase where Holiday Kitchens are selling traditional holiday foods and drinks from the country they represent. However, in the rest of Disney World you will also find some Holiday treats. Also if you are in Disney on Christmas or Thanksgiving several of the restaurants offer traditional Holiday dinners, as a warning be sure to check the menu before you arrive though as several of these special meals come with a special price.
  4. Holiday Versions of popular rides and shows – Do you like Illuminations? Then between Thanksgiving and New Years is the time to see it, as it is about 5 minutes longer with a special “Let there be Peace on Earth” finally. Other attractions get holiday decorations too, for example the Jungle Boat Cruise becomes the Jingle Boat Cruise complete with a different set of corny jokes.
  5. The Candle Light Processional – I know some readers are saying wait a second shouldn’t that be included with the special Holiday shows? And it probably should, but I think this one is so special it deserves it’s own listing. The Candle Light Processional tells the story of Jesus’s birth through the use of a full orchestra, mass choir and celebrity narrator. Normally there are three shows scheduled throughout the evening, but you will need to get in line early.  Your other option for seeing the show is to purchase a Candle Light Processional dining package.  The Dining package is available at several restaurants throughout Epcot, and includes guaranteed seating for one of the shows. You will need to reserve the Dining package as soon as they are announced (Usually the first week of July) as they are very popular and sell out quickly.

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Please let me know in the comments.