Disney News – Week of December 25th

So the first news item this week comes from the Orlando Sentinel.  Disney is removing the do not disturb signs from rooms in some of it resorts.  Disney housekeeping will now be entering the rooms everyday, it appears this has to do with tightening security.  I have no issue with this, I almost never use the do not disturb sign at a hotel anyway.  Also the Disney hotels all have safes in the room, so if you are concerned about money or valuables being stolen just make sure to lock it in a safe.

If you are planning on visiting Disney World for New Year’s Eve, AllEars.Net has the list of all the parties, dinners and fireworks.

USA Today is speculating that with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, that Fox content will be removed from Netflix as early as 2019.  Disney currently owns 30% of Hulu and with the Fox deal will own 60% of Hulu.  If USA today is correct, I might have to drop my Netflix subscription in favor of picking up a Hulu subscription. Though if Netflix keeps making shows like Stranger Things I just night drop cable and replace it with Hulu.

Variety is reporting that Disney is the top earning movie studio for the second year in a row.  With the Lucas Art, Marvel, and Pixar all owned by Disney it is not difficult to see how Disney is the top earning studio again.   Fox was the fourth highest earning studio for the year.  Related to this story Business Insider is reporting that the three “Star Wars” movies that Disney has produced have made more than $4 Billion.  Disney bought Lucasfilm in $4.06 billion in 2012 so that has been quite the return on investment in five years.

For any college students out there, that are interested in the Disney College Program Study Breaks has an article about what to expect while you work there, and during the application process.

Have a great week, and have a Happy New Year.  If you like this content please comment and share.